CRISPR InDel Profiling Platform (CIPP)

InDel Profiling

Detect any InDel using the powerful CRISPR InDel Profiling Platform (CIPP™) powered by the IDAA method. Receive your detailed InDel profile report of your gene editing events within only 3 days. Bioinformatics included.


Simple Procedure:

  1. Do your gene targeting in your cell line of interest using CRISPR (or ZFN, TALEN).
  2. Ship the cell pellets directly to us or extract DNA (recommend to use the proven CoboXtract) from the pellets, do tri-primer PCR* around the target region and then ship the PCR samples to us.
  3. No need for gel or column purification. Just ship your sample.
  4. We do InDel Profile analysis on the received samples and send a detailed InDel profiling report to you using our InDel analysis software: ProfileIt (includes overview stats, total InDels %, total out-of-frame InDels %, Top5 InDels %, profile image - see example here)
  5. You will have your results within 3 days (PCR samples).

* Validated products for sample preparation (DNA extraction, tri-primer PCR) to INDEL analysis, can be ordered via this ORDER FORM.



  • Quantification of insertions/deletions (InDels) in pools and clones (example here).
  • Identification of down to single base InDels.
  • Detection of down to 0.1% InDel events.
  • Detection of large deletions up to 1000bs.
  • Detection small insertions up to 150bs.
  • Fast InDel profiling in high-throughput format in pools and clones.
  • 96 samples can be analysed in 2 hours.
  • Easy detection of bi-allelic targeting events in single cell clones.
  • Easy analysis of profiles using the InDel analysis software: ProfileIt.
  • Work with any nuclease system (Meganucleases, CRISPR, ZFN, TALEN).


Applications based on customer projects:

  • gRNA validation.
  • Selection of pools or/and clones with out-of-frame InDels.
  • Tag confirmation (up to 150bs).
  • Cas9 kinetics.
  • Cas9 delivery methods.
  • NHEJ inhibitor screening/validation.
  • HDR inhibitor screening/validation.
  • Drug-resistance allele generation (in-frame insertions/deletions)
  • QC of CRISPR modified cells
  • Off-target analysis
  • ...


Why did you choose to use the InDel Profiling Service (IDAA) from COBO Technologies?

"Highly quantitative, minimal amount of material required, detailed profiling of In/dels, easy to interpret the results, highly accessible and excellent customer service, and reasonable prices" VP, Research - NERx BioSciences, US.


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CIPP™, ProfileIt™ and IDAA™ are trademarks of COBO Technologies™. EU/US Patent pending on IDAA™ Method.

CIPP - gRNA Validation (example)

gRNA validation project including 3 different gRNAs targeting hFUT8 gene. InDel profiles were identified and quantified using CIPP and the InDel profiling software ProfileIt 1.0.

CIPP - gRNA Validation (example)
CIPP - gRNA Validation (example)
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