PIPPR Total Mammalian Protein Extraction Kit

PIPPR Protein Extraction Kit

The PIPPR® Total Mammalian Protein Extraction Kit provides gentle but efficient detergent-based lysis of mammalian cells to deliver a soluble protein fraction suitable for any downstream application. Cell pellets are incubated with Mammalian Cell Lysis Buffer supplemented with Benzonase® — an enzyme that digests nucleic acids — and a protease inhibitor, which protects the released proteins from enzymatic degradation.

No specialized equipment is required. Cells are simply incubated with lysis buffer and centrifuged to separate cell debris. The supernatant contains the total protein fraction, which can be further purified or directly analyzed, for example by SDS-PAGE or MS.


Key Features

  • Gentle but effective cell lysis for high yields of active proteins
  • High protein yields and solubilisation (see table 1 below)
  • Simple procedure, no specialized equipment required
  • Highly reproducible procedure, consistent results time after time
  • Validated for the Proteomic Expression analysis Platform, PIPPR based on SWATH® Acquisition


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PIPPR® is a registered trademark of COBO Technologies. SWATH® is registered trademark of SCIEX. Benzonase® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

PIPPR Protein Extraction Kit
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