PIPPR Signature Library Database

The PIPPR Signature Library 1.0 database will include protein libraries from a broad selection of well-known wildtype cell lines used in genome editing applications.

View expressed proteins, pathway overview and number of proteins in each pathway of your cell line of interets, before you start up a PIPPR project.

PIPPR Signature™ libraries are generated using the PIPPR® Total Mammalian Protein Extraction Kit and the powerful SWATH® Acquisition.

PIPPR Signature™ Libraries will be launched during 2020 and will include among others:

If you have any specific cell line(s) of interest that we should include in the database, please send your suggestions below.




PIPPR Signature™ is a trademark of COBO Technologies. PIPPR® is a registered trademark of COBO Technologies. SWATH is a registered trademark of SCIEX.

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