Proteome Expression analysis Platform (PIPPR)

PIPPR is the first platform that offer the genome editing scientist an extensive and detailed proteome expression analysis solution for any type of cells modified with CRISPR-Cas9, Meganucleases, ZFNs or TALENs.

Confirm expected changes and check for un-expected changes of more than 6000 proteins.

PIPPR gives you label-free proteome scale identification and quantification of potentially any protein in your cell line of interest.

Fast, Robust and Cost-effective combined with an Easy Setup.



  • Confirm knockouts of target protein.
  • Compare protein expression between wildtype cells with modified cells.
  • Full proteome expression analysis.
  • Detailed pathway and gene family expression analysis.
  • Quality control of modified cells.
  • Protein expression analysis of potential off-target sites.
  • Treated versus non-treated cells.
  • Base-editors off-target analysis.
  • Safety and efficacy.
  • ...


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Interested in InDel mutation analysis ? Include a detailed InDel mutations analysis of your targeted cells using the powerful CRISPR INDEL Profiling Platform, CIPP.

PIPPR® is a registered trademark of COBO Technologies. SWATH®is a registered trademark of SCIEX.

PIPPR - Workflow

PIPPR - Workflow


PIPPR Workflow

The PIPPR workflow is very simple and optimised for fast, robust and cost-effective proteomic screenning of CRISPR modified cells.

  1. Do your genome editing in your cell line of interest
  2. Extract total proteins using proven total protein extraction method.
  3. Ship your total protein extracts to COBO.
  4. COBO will do trypsin digestion, MS analysis and bioinformatics.
  5. After 4 weeks you will receive detailed PIPPR Pathway Analysis Report.
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