ProfileIt - InDel Analysis Software

ProfileIt™ is the first CRISPR-Cas9 InDel Analysis Software that will give you what you need in just one-click.

Developed to analyse samples from the IDAA method.



  • Easy One-Click InDel profiling of your sample.
  • Total % of InDels in your sample.
  • Total % of out-of frame InDels in your sample.
  • Top5 % InDels visualised per profile.
  • Zoom function of relevant region.
  • Subtract easy background.
  • Define upper and lower threshold.
  • Individual peak analysis of all peaks over threshold.
  • One-Click download (excel) statistics of % InDels of all samples analysed.
  • One-Click download (PNG) of individual or full group INDEL profile images (publication quality-see example below)
  • Work with ABI3500/ABI3500XL/ABI3730XL fsa files.


Applications where ProfileIt™ are used today:

  • gRNA validation
  • InDel profiling of pools and clones
  • NHEJ inhibitor validation
  • Cas9 kinetics
  • Large deletions
  • Tag confirmation (up to 150bs)
  • Optimisation of delivery methods
  • Repair inhibitor screening and validation


ProfileIt™ is part of the CRISPR InDel Profiling Platform and is embedded into the innovative VIKING Platform. If you are interested to hear more about license opportunities, please contact us here.


ProfileIt™ is a trademark of COBO Technologies.

InDel Analysis Software