Great Interview about using SWATH® Acquisition and PIPPR® (Proteomic Expression analysis Platform) to address safety and efficacy in CRISPR cells


Taking CRISPR Safety to the Next Level - "If we want to move to the clinic, we need to understand exactly what is going on inside the cells when we apply CRISPR "....

“There is a growing need to understand how the proteome changes during different CRISPR applications,” explains Bock. “We need a powerful method that is robust, fast and sensitive, to both confirm expected changes and to check for unexpected changes in proteins and different pathways. PIPPR®, powered by SWATH® Acquisition, is the first platform to really address this and will make it possible for researchers to see and compare expression levels of more than 3000 proteins in their cell line projects. Using this detailed, large-scale proteome information, the efficacy and safety of genetic modifications can now be assessed.”

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