COBO Technologies to collaborate in NIST Genome Editing Lexicon


COBO Technologies has been collaborating with NIST Genome Editing in order to contribute to the standardization of terms used within the genome editing field.

Although genome editing technology is being actively utilized, there is no standardization in terms and definitions for this field, which can lead to misinterpretation and miscommunication of concepts, data, and results. Standards in the field of genome editing will harmonize and accelerate effective communication, technology development, qualification, and evaluation of genome editing products. This document is expected to improve confidence in and clarify scientific communication, data reporting, and data interpretation in the genome editing field.

This lexicon was developed to provide a unified reference set of terms and technical definitions that standardizes their use and meaning to serve the needs of the biotechnology community. It is recognized that in rare instances exceptions may exist for some definitions within specific applications. Read full article here.