COBO Technologies Member of NIST Genome Editing Consortium, US


We are excited to announce that we have become member of the NIST - Genome Editing Consortium in US.

Our team will contribute with our broad knowledge about INDEL analysis of CRISPR modified cells using our proprietary INDEL Profiling Platform, CIPP - powered by the IDAA method.

Read also the announcement in the Danish MEDWATCH 2019-04-16

Learn more about the NIST - Genome Editing Consortium below or at the webpage:

"Targeted genome editing, a method used to alter the DNA of living cells at desired locations, is poised to revolutionize science and medicine. To fight diseases, novel genome edited therapeutics, including those for use in regenerative medicine and infectious diseases, are being developed. Many commercial applications including agriculture and chemical production, are also leveraging this technology. Whether genome editing will be used in healthcare, agriculture or basic research, robust quantitative measurements are needed to enable high confidence characterization of DNA alterations. NIST has brought together experts across the genome editing field including stakeholders in industry, academia and government to assess their measurement needs. These discussions have identified common pre-competitive measurements and standards needed to establish greater confidence in the characterization of genome editing outputs. The NIST- Genome Editing Consortium has been established to address these needs"


  • Evaluate genome editing assay pipelines
  • Develop benchmark materials
  • Generate benchmark data
  • Develop suggested minimal information reporting for public studies
  • Generate a common lexicon for genome editing studies


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