CRISPR-BIND is a fast and sensitive high throughput liquid handler that doesn’t use optics, amplification, or labels to perform quality control of CRISPR-Cas complexes and gRNA, optimize CRISPR designs, and identifying the most optimal conditions for each CRISPR experiment.


CRISPR-BIND is built upon an entirely electronic platform with several capabilities ranging from performing quality control of CRISPR-Cas complexes and gRNA to optimizing CRISPR designs. Powered by Cardea’s CRISPR-Chip™, a chipset that combines CRISPR-Cas molecules with graphene-based Biology-gated Transistors (Cardean Transistors™).

CRISPR-BIND speeds up your CRISPR quality control process and reduces the risk of false positives. All without the need for labels or amplification.

CRISPR-BIND is developed by CRISPR QC.


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