CRISPR QC - Launch of CRISPR-BIND, a Rapid and Highly Sensitive Tool to Characterise gRNA and CRISPR-Cas Interactions


Press Release: Cardea Bio Announces Global Launch of First Proprietary “Powered by Cardea” Product in Partnership with CRISPR QC and COBO Technologies

CRISPR QC, a pioneer in streamlining CRISPR quality control testing, announced today the launch of CRISPR-BIND™, a rapid and highly sensitive tool to characterize gRNA and CRISPR-Cas interactions. CRISPR-BIND is the first in a suite of Quality Control capabilities. Built upon Cardea’s Biology-gated Transistors (Cardean Transistors™) and an automated, high throughput liquid handler, CRISPR-BIND generates highly sensitive electronic signals rather than optics or labels to enhance CRISPR researcher’s ability to perform rapid assessments of gRNA – Cas interactions directly at the lab bench. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring the interactions and stability of a variety of modified gRNAs with engineered Cas enzymes. CRISPR QC will commercialize CRISPR-BIND in the United States along with the world leading CRISPR experts at COBO Technologies who will offer the product across Europe.

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